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What I've been up to @ Stanford...

A quick word map of several academic papers and project proposals suggests there has been a lot of "research" on "students". While this may be true -- there's no shortage of educational theory at the Ed School -- I'd like to think I'm just getting intimate with the world of K12 education, and that I have spent most of my time applying "research" to "students" and other learners.

Wow... design is so small

A second review of the word map, and I'm panicking because I can't find design anywhere after the ideological awakening I've been through at The Stanford This actually makes sense because I certainly haven't been writing about design! No, for me design is about biasing towards action! A third review of the word map, and I find "design" in small font sandwiched in between "education" and "experience". How appropriate since you often need to discard your formal education to truly understand a user experience, and then reapply it to transform that experience. See some of my user-centered design projects here.

And then there's BarUp...

Let's see if I can describe our Master's Project using only words from the word map:

"BarUp" = "hip-hop" + "social" + "game" + "community" + "rapid-prototyping" + "[lots of] coding" + "community" + "discourses"

If that doesn't make any sense, read/see/play more here.