• Intel Computer Clubhouse:
    The Computer Clubhouse is a successful model that uses technology creatively to enable under-served youth to acquire the tools, problem solving skills and confidence for successful lives. In partnership with the Museum of Science, Boston, its award-winning Computer Clubhouse and the MIT Media Lab, Intel will support the establishment of 100 Intel Computer Clubhouses in under-served communities worldwide. The goal of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network is to proliferate the highly successful Clubhouse learning model and establish it as a replicable model for technology learning. Over five years, the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network hope to touch the lives of more than 50,000 young people.
  • OpenVoice
    A groundbreaking nonprofit corporation based in East Palo Alto, CA. Launched in April 1998, OpenVoice trains teens from East Palo Alto and the surrounding communities to develop critical thinking and technical skills through the creation of web-based media. OpenVoice works to instill the teens in its program with academic, technological, and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Plugged In
    Established in 1992, Plugged In is a community technology center with a mission to ensure that everyone in East Palo Alto California has the opportunity to fully benefit from all that the information revolution has to offer. Three programs are offered: Plugged In Enterprises, Plugged In Greenhouse, and the Technology Access Center.

    Plugged In Enterprises trains teenagers in the latest web design technology. The teenagers use their skills to operate a web design business that creates web pages for community members and paying commercial clients. Clients include Pacific Bell, OICW, and Sun Microsystems.

    Plugged in Greenhouse is a creative arts and technology studio for the ideas and dreams of East Palo Alto children. It houses a variety of activities including an after-school program, classroom partnerships, and special projects based on educational themes.

    The Technology Access Center is the community production studio, copy center, cyber-library, self-paced learning studio, and telecom center for East Palo Alto. It provides community members with access to computers, the internet and information that helps them "get things done."

  • The Community Technology and Training Centers
    CTTC's are a public service to the community of Austin, Texas. The CTTC's provide "digital opportunity" to those who may may otherwise miss out in the technology-driven economy. The goals of these centers are to provide free community access to computer technology, enhance employability and technology skills of individuals, assist with job search and career development and promote community awareness of and comfort with new technologies.
  • Harlem Center for Education - Community Technology Center
    The mission of the HCE - CTC is to increase technology awareness in the East Harlem community, to increase technology education opportunities for students in East Harlem, and to increase the marketability of unemployed and underemployed East Harlem residents. They hope to accomplish this by providing open access to technology in thecenter, by providing computer applications classes to students and adults in the community and by providing staff development in educational technology and computer applications in the East Harlem School District.