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bullet1 my students visualize abstract concepts?
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bullet3 f(g) Scholar

What is it?

Future Graph's  f(g) Scholar combines a fully functional calculator, graph, and spreadsheet.  It is full of functionality! And it allows students to view a single problem in multiple ways, thus extending their knowledge of math through different representations.

Where do I find it?

What do others say about it?

" ... we are impressed by the many and varied capabilities of f(g) Scholar and believe it has the potential to contribute significantly to a secondary mathematics classroom." - Mathematics Teacher (NCTM Publication), April 1995.

  • Future Graph has won multiple awards and has had considerable press coverage.See  for a list.
  • It is also listed in the Math Forum's internet library of math software.  The Math Forum's page on the f(g) Scholar is located at:   There you can also view reactions to it by the press, teachers, and organizations.