EDUC 106
Interactive Media in Education
Decker Walker

During this class, clients presented existing learning sites and the cohort divided into small project teams to conduct studies and recommend redesign solutions. My team chose the AIM website.

Analyzing Needs in Learning Environments
Deedee Perez-Granados

From Skinner, Pavlov, and Thorndike through Vygotzsky et al, this course laid the groundwork for a thorough understanding of behaviorist, cognitive, and situative perspectives on learning design. We authored a number of team papers analyzing and designing studies.

EDUC 229
Learning, Design, and Technology Seminar
Decker Walker

The entire cohort of 20 produced a training module for observers in SRI's study of software products in schools.

Calvin and Hobbes on Doing School
EDUC 147
Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction in Education
Terry Winograd and Decker Walker

This core LDT course teaches design, usability guidelines, and information architecture of educational websites and software.

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods
Denise Pope

This class taught the essentials of observation, interview protocols and practices, analysis, and other ethnographic techniques.

Technologies That Teach Peace
BJ Fogg

This course used the principles of Persuasive Technology to launch the Stanford Peace Project.

CS 547
Human-Computer Interaction Speaker Series
Terry Winograd
Calvin and Hobbes on academia
Technology Integrated Curriculum
Shelley Goldman

This class had a little bit of everything: curriculum, design, and technology. In it, we produced an educational applet for classroom use. Our team created WorldReporter.

EDUC 324
Emerging Business Opportunities in Education and Training
Sam Wood and Michael Kirst

Offered jointly with the Graduate School of Business, this course explored for-profit and non-profit business ventures in education. Our team produced a business plan for the Chinese semiconductor market.

Interactive Art
Paul DeMarinis

I got to explore the intersection of art and electronics using integrated circuits. The class created several installations that focused on man's interactions with nature.

Exploring Human Nature
Phil Zimbardo

Social influence, mind control, cults, time perspective, evil, terrorism, heroism, shyness, liking, loving, and lust - with the infamous Dr. Zimbardo and his amazing roster of guest speakers.

CS 547
Human-Computer Interaction Speaker Series
Terry Winograd
Calvin and Hobbes on breaking down tasks into components
CS 377A
Topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Mobile Interaction
Scott Klemmer
HUM 203
Designing the Future
Bill Cockayne and the Institute for the Future