Exploring Mobile technology as a sustainable education option for underserved children

What is PocketSchool?

This project involves the assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of mobile learning technology to provide underserved and marginalized children around the world with equitable access to basic education and literacy exposure in health and environmental safety. The primary framework for the design and implementation addresses situation specificity, cultural sensitivity, practical usability, theoretical applicability, economical scalability, and viable sustainability. Creative contents and mobile applications are being created through the Stanford Mobile Empowerment Developers Network.

Figure1. overview picture for PocketSchool

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How did "PocketSchool" come about?

1st Generation Model
Tuskegee “Movable School“ in Alabama
2nd Generation Model 21st Century Model

George Washington Carver (1861-1943), quite arguably, the father of African-American Science. The Movable School reached “the hard to reach” and served the needs of “the people left behind.” Mayberry, 1991)


Reaching out to children in rural areas with a van full of textbooks & science simulation kits.


The Teachermate mobile educational device – Developed by Chicago-based NGO Innovations For Learning

Pursuing of PocketSchool

• Programmable Open Mobile Learning Platform
– anyone can program and share educational applications (from kindergarten to life-long learning scenarios)
• Loaded with literacy, math, science simulation, and other educational software
• Low-cost
• Self-sustainable model
• Incentive structure
• Grassroots approach
• Scientific inquiry-based adoption and learning
• Less dependent upon school infrastructure and teacher perceptions or preparation

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Contents of PocketSchool

Individualize learning plan

Mobile Device Charging Option

Teaching concepts and abilities related to formal education

Mobile Math Learning Game Mobile Farming Simulation Mobile Storytelling Program


Healthcare Education

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Publications and Reports

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Faculty Staff Former Members

Dr. Paul, Kim
Uri Geva
  Amy Wong
Noah Freedman
Lindsey Sunden
Grefory Kress

"PocketSchool" is the subproject of POMI in Education.

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