"PSILAN" - PocketSchool Interactive Learning Adhoc Network
Exploring ways to promote peer collaborative learning in students by utilizing the mobile platform as a learning device


What is PSILAN?

PSILPSILAN leverages a lightweight multi-user adhoc collaboration network infrastructure to promote new levels of mobile learning interactions in various educational settings. The major benefits of PSILAN include the simplicity of its portable network infrastructure (only a wireless access point, lightweight PRPL Junction server*, and mobile devices are required), rapid application and content deployment method, and instant data aggregation mechanism. The simple portable nature of PSILAN makes it possible for educators to quickly generate and deploy various types of interactive learning activities and assessment instruments without the knowledge of computer programming. PSILAN is suitable for not only formal classroom settings where simple individual or game-based collaborative learning assessments are needed, but also for informal interactive education settings where multi-user game-based assessments or real-time anonymous surveys may be beneficial. Besides the simple PSILAN components, the only other requirement for operation is electricity,making it possible for field workers to develop and deploy instant learning activities or competition-based assessments in underserved and marginalized communities.

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"Junction", the adhoc decentralized mobile collaboration tool developed at Stanford University has been employed to develop these educational applications. Junction is a simple API that allows developers to focus on the core of their application, reducing the burden of common issues associated with developing distributed applications. This is the main reason behind our use of Junction for these applications.

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A pilot test run of the application was done at Sunnyvale School on 16th February, 2010. Following are some pictures from the run:

The second version Mobile School deals with utilizing this app to help make foreign studies interesting and more fun than traditional pen and paper type study. Following are some screenshots of a proposed application.

MobileSchool 2.0

The second version of this app is concerned with enhanced use of the mobile device to aid in teaching foreign languages. Since a mobile has both audio and video capability, it makes learning of languages considerably easier as compared with textbooks, which cannot convey much using only images and text. Following are some mockups of the proposed application.

1) Foreign Language Tutorials using Mobile School

Proposed activity: 2 students will start the app on their phone. One student’s phone will display a picture, say of a horse and he is supposed to say the Arabic word for a horse. The second kid’s phone will display the correct answer. If the second kid is not sure what word is being displayed, he can ask for hints and audio of a horse neigh will be played. In this manner the two students can help each other learn Arabic.

2) Merge-a-Story

  Proposed activity:
• A group of 3 or more students
• Each student gets only one part of the story
• Need to collaborate, understand each others’ parts and then join the parts to get complete story
• Children get more 1-on-1 interaction with each other
• Interactive components are incorporated that are missing from MobileSchool1.0

3) Match pictures with text

  Proposed activity:
• 3 or more phones
• One phone displays image, other phones display possible text corresponding to the image
• Students have to identify the most relevant t

4) Make a Story

Proposed activity:
• 3 or more phones
• Each phone displays images corresponding to a famous fairy tale
• Students have to arrange pictures in their proper order and identify the story and come up with their own story to explain the pictures
• Involves higher grade thinking

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Faculty Former Member

Dr. Paul, Kim
  Aditi Goyal  

"PSILAN" - PocketSchool Interactive Learning Adhoc Network is the subproject of POMI in Education.

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