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Learning Design Proposal:
CasePoint on Xerox
The Middle school Mathematics through Applications Project (MMAP)

EDUC 333A: Advanced Seminar in Learning, Design, and Technology: Analyzing Functions and Needs in Learning Environments, 2002 Summer

Web Credibility: ChangingClimate.org
EDUC 225x: Persuasive Technology in Education, 2002 Fall

Child Development and Technologies:
Developmental niche and Guided participation
Toy Design Proposal - Parker Penguin's Math Adventure
ED 342x: Child Development and New Technologies, 2003 Winter

Learning at Museums:
Museum Redesign Project - How the Internet Works (doc)
PowerPoint presentation
EDUC 229C: Learning, Design, and Technology Seminar, 2003 Winter

Online Learning Community:
Online Community of Corporate Learning - Company Mergers
EDUC 298x: Online Learning Community, 2003 Winter

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