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Learning Design and Technology (LDT) program, Stanford University. 2002-2003
If you are interested in my experience at LDT, please take a look at my Portfolio.
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Persuasive Technology
I've been working with Dr. BJ Fogg regarding Captology - Computer as Persuasive Technology - at Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab since 2002.
My friend and I have translated BJ Fogg's book, Persuasive Technology.
Announcement at PTLab Notebook.

The Japanese Captology book is published by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. Please click here to Amazon.co.jp.
About Myself
My expertise is in using technology to enhance learning experience in various settings. My graduate research work in Learning Design and Technology at Stanford University focused on learning theories as well as human computer interaction design and acquiring multimedia sketching skills. Prior to that, as a software engineer, I worked for Lotus Development Japan, Ltd. and was responsible for internationalization of real-time collaboration software. I also worked for a national science museum as a curatorial stuff in Tokyo, Japan.
I am living with a female corgi, Luna, born in April 27th, 2004. She is friendly and playful. She thinks herself as a big dog although her legs are short. Here's why...
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I had a Serow225 until 2001 in Japan.

Contact: Chika Ando
Learning Design and Technology, Class of 2003
School of Education, Stanford University

e-mail: candoldt@gmail.com
Home Page: http://www.serow.com