Featured Projects
supporting dialogic inquiry
into the nature of science

Pilot Agreement with NALU Studies, 2010
timÆus is a curriculum-supported, web-based, semantic-narrative visualization tool that supports dialogic inquiry into the nature of science.

Innovation Award
2010 SIGGRAPH Disney Learning Challenge
Mechanix is an interactive, tangible display that facilitates learning about simple and compound machines within a user-driven, collaborative framework.
About Me
I am a graduate of the Learning, Design & Technology program in the Stanford School of Education. My foundations are in Cognitive Science and Computer Science, with some sprinklings of Sociology and Art History. My interests range even further, but, at their core, they involve a passion for learning and designing opportunities for others to learn. Indeed, I see learning as the inspiration and foundation of all human activity. This is a philosophy that I have pondered and practiced as a tutor, coach, and teacher over the past 12 years, and one that I have refined and enhanced through my sojourn in the LDT program. The following three tenets summarize my approach:
Learning is distributed across cognitive, cultural, and social dimensions. Learning experiences should reflect each of these and support their multifarious expressions.
Learning experiences should be designed to foster the exploration and discovery of knowledge, progressing from felicitous engagement to formal, symbolic understanding.
There are no shortcuts to enduring understanding. The goal of technology should not be to make learning easy, but to provide access to meaningful and challenging learning experiences.
These tenets have been developed, expressed, and refined in my work throughout the LDT program. A portfolio of select projects and course reviews may be accessed here:
This portfolio is a tribute to my wife, Sanjana, and my son, Avram, whom I thank for their endless support, understanding, and inspiration throughout the year.

Coram Bryant : coram@slate-learning.com : Learning, Design & Technology : 2010